whiskey stones inside whiskey glass

Whiskey Stones or Ice?

The war has been long waged between neat and on the rocks.  However with the advent of whiskey stones in the last decade, a new faction has been forming, Instead of on ice, bars and homes around the world have started trying their favorites on whiskey stones. 

whiskey stones

Whiskey stones are fancied by those who strongly dislike watered down whiskey attributed to ice melt. The frozen stones are a great way to take some temperature out of any especially hot scotch or whiskey, without alerting the flavor molecules by adding too much water. 

Connoisseurs who drink whiskey near are often known for adding a few drops of water to help open up a whiskey past being too hot to enjoy. Whiskey stones aim to achieve the same result, added control to the flavor profile of any spirit. 

Whiskey Stones prived the perfect way to control temperature in the same way that drops of water control the bite or "heat". Without adding lots of water over time like traditional ice cubes.



Ice Cubes are may prove to be a melting hazard for those that can't seem to finish their drink, however most whiskey drinkers who like it on the rocks don't seem to have these problems.

Even if you are just a casual whiskey drinker, there is absolutely nothing wrong with ice cubes, especially the big slow melting ones, or the ones that come in cool shapes. Some purists may scoff but you can't let hardos tell you how to enjoy your own adult beverages. 

There are ice conessours as well. Some bartenders spend hours to carve ice luges and even tiny drink sized ice sculptures. Others use special clear ice makers to create crystal clear ice for cocktails.

Either way you pour it, both are going to get you to the place you're trying to go. If you're particular about flavor and temperature then whiskey stones are a great tool to have in your freezer. If your a casual whiskey drinker whose looking for cool ice then check out our home page to check out our unique whiskey stones, glassware ice molds, and more.

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