why to use whiskey decanter, pouring sailboat whiskey decanter with four globe glasses

Why to Use a Whiskey Decanter

Whiskey lovers are known to savor the last finger in a good bottle for a rainy day,  But If your home is starting to look like a mid-evil poison store with almost empty bottles everywhere, then it might be time to concoct your very own blended whiskey.


At your next cocktail party, blend together all your personal favorites and easily serve your guests a drink they just might remember in the morning.


Whiskey Decanter pouring into globe whiskey glass

Liquor connoisseurs from wine, cognac, and whisk(e)y have long used decanters to welcome oxygen into their spirits which chemically loosens molecules with harsher tannins and high alcohol content. This process known as decanting, is known to round off a wine or spirit and reveal more detectable notes than straight from the bottle. The longer pouring process also stirs a much stronger aroma in the air that’s pleasantly noticeable. 

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