Whisky Decanter With Ship and Four Globe Glasses

Fathers Day Whiskey Gifts

Top 5 Whiskey Gifts Dad Will Actually Use


The best gift you could give the dad in your life is something he'll actually use. Chances are he uses his whiskey glass. Dad's like simple things, like little whiskey stones or a piece of glass he gets drunk out of. Don't get him a home depot gift card or a bottle he's going to crush 6 days later and remember none of. Get him a small toy for his booze that he'll show his friends when they come over. 

If your dad or husband likes strange hard alcohol that comes in an ugly plastic handle, then you need a decanter in your kitchen. This will make the alcoholism fun and exciting instead of unseenly. That being said, pick whichever YOU like the most.


whiskey barrel decanter gift

1. Barrel age your cocktails with this Whiskey Barrel Decanter, that gives your spirit oak flavoring and earns serious presentation points, if pops drinks old fashions this is must.



2.  Laugh with friends around the World Explorer Decanter and glass set. Amazing nights start with amazing drinks, if you're looking to start strong, start here.


3. Alright this one's pretty badass, and if the dad in your life likes Star Wars then he'll actually love this Stormtrooper Decanter. For 50$ with the option to get the full set with cubes and glasses for 70$ It really is hard to pass on. 


4. This rolling whiskey glasses are the perfect dad toy. They roll around in a tiny circle and decant the whiskey or something. It's like a fidget spinner for drunk people. 




5.Clear Ice Maker:  I'm not sure if you know this or not but whiskey drinkers are all fucking weirdos about ice. Hardos will tell you it's sacreligious to put ice or water in whiskey but most regular guys put in cubes to take some heat off. Of those guys there's guys want slower melting ice, so they use ice balls. (less surface area) Some of the ice ball guys got together and said, "wouldn't it be incredible if these were completely clear?" So they started thinking way too hard about how to get those air bubbles out to the point of boiling water multiple times to remove trapped oxygen. There's even this 600$ ice ball press people buy online that squashes giant blocks of ice into tiny balls with a heavy weight. So we decided to help our guys out and made a mold that freezes ice from the top down instead of outside in so the bubbles can escape leaving crystal clear ice balls, diamonds, hearts, or cubes.




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  • Do you still have the World Explorer Decanter in stock? if so please let me know the price.

    Tom Rector

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